Huber Grills has been manufacturing speciality charcoal grills in a wide variety of models in Germany for over thirty years. Our product range focuses mainly on tripod grills (known in Germany as “swing grills”) as well as high quality portable fire pits. We have been supplying major retail chains in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland for many years. 

Thanks to flexible production methods at our southwest German location in Nonnweiler-Braunshausen, near the French border, we can deliver all items in our range quickly, including large volume orders. We only use high quality materials approved for food preparation. 

Whether for a get-together in the garden, on the beach or out on the terrace, generations of Germans have sworn by this traditional cooking method which allows them to produce exceptionally tasty dishes with their own favourite ingredients and techniques. 

But it’s not just the food that makes a charcoal grill memorable – the choice of the grill and the charcoal are themselves vital ingredients. People love standing around our Huber grills, talking, enjoying a drink and catching up with friends. And food prepared on a swing grill has a flavour that is much more intense than with a gas barbecue. 

The swing grill has a large and dedicated following in German-speaking parts of Europe – it’s a great way to enjoy family life and the simple pleasure of getting together for a meal. This type of charcoal grill will be a small taste of home to many expat Germans who have been living in Australia for years. For Australians, it will bring a whole new dimension to the Aussie barbecue experience. Easy to assemble and disassemble, and a breeze to pack away, our grills are also wonderfully suited to camping. This type of swing grill is a new arrival on the Australian outdoor cooking scene.

All our products are subject to strict quality control before they leave our production facility. All Huber grills can be easily assembled by customers in a few minutes, without the need for tools.